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Life At Amcom

Meet the Amcom Software Team 

"People are our most important asset."

— Kate Bolseth, COO

At Amcom, we create and sell meaningful software that helps save lives.  This software connects people to each other and to the data they need with communications that are faster, more accurate and more efficient.  Our products are used by leading organizations in healthcare, hospitality, education, business and government.  And, we continually develop industry-leading technology because of the hard work and dedication of our most valuable asset: our employees.

What it’s like to work at Amcom is perhaps best described By the people who work here:

“The leadership at Amcom is very well prepared, thorough, thoughtful and strategic. They know when and how to challenge employees to keep them interested, engaged and grow them. Amcom is always adapting to change and implementing feedback from the employees, which makes for a great environment to work.”

— David, Development

"Professionally, I thrive on the fact that Amcom management has given me the ability to grow, expand my role and take on challenges that fit my abilities. At times I’ve been given the option to work on projects which may not necessarily be within my job description. This sort of flexibility has been key in keeping me engaged and growing every day.”

— Gerard, Product Strategy

"I could not have imagined a better way to start my career than at Amcom. Although I was nervous to start my first job out of college, my colleagues were very welcoming and made me feel so comfortable. I am amazed at how much I have learned here, and I cannot wait to see my career develop at Amcom in the future.”

— Jill, Marketing

< Amcom Core ValuesOur core values, culture, benefits and employees make Amcom Software a true success.  To view videos about our products and our employees, subscribe to the Amcom YouTube Channel.


A Look at Amcom’s Departmental Structure

Amcom's Departments: Product Strategy/Development/QA, Sales, Marketing, Implementation, Customer Support, Finance/Accounting, HR Amcom employees thrive across the variety of interactive teams working together to grow the company. Regardless of which department best fits your skills, you’ll find energetic, knowledgeable people and a manager who will help you reach your potential.

Below you’ll find a description of the role of each Amcom department.

Product Strategy, Development & Quality Assurance

The Product team determines the direction of all Amcom solutions. They create new products and enhance existing ones based on customer feedback and changing market trends. Quality assurance is an integral step to making sure products are delivered as expected.

Implementation/Professional Services

The Implementation team installs our software at customer sites and ensures that all integrated systems are exchanging data as they should.  This team also provides database analysis as well as customer training for users who need to learn how to administer their new solutions.

Customer/Technical Support

The Support team works with our software users when system issues arise that require resolution at any time of the day or night. Amcom has a 99% renewal rate for customers with a support and maintenance contract.


The Sales team works with current and prospective customers to explore how Amcom solutions can help them improve the way they handle critical communications in their organizations every day.


The Marketing team focuses on educating the marketplace about Amcom and its solutions, generating leads, and supporting Sales with relevant materials.

Human Resources

The HR team works to ensure Amcom provides a work environment characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communication, personal accountability, honesty and integrity. They manage all aspects of employment for employees and recruit new team members.

Finance & Accounting

This team manages all fiscal matters at Amcom and works closely with our parent company, USA Mobility, to report the financial metrics required for public entities.

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