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As a business leader, you depend upon effective and reliable communications to ensure business continuity, the safety of your employees, the satisfaction of your customers, and the profitability of your business. If you're losing sleep thinking about "what if" scenarios related to lack of emergency management communications, you need to raise the bar. Your business depends on it.

Amcom provides solutions for organizations that need to integrate technology, automate processes, consolidate operations, and standardize communications. The company provides a contact center communications platform to support both day-to-day and event-driven communications with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Keep your employees and visitors safe

More and more companies are implementing E911 systems in their organizations. If someone dials 911 in your organization, do you know exactly where they are? Read more about E911.

Improve Productivity

Productivity and professionalism are greatly enhanced with speech recognition software, automated processes, and access to real-time information via web-based directories. In doing so, organizations can significantlyimprove operations, including:

  • Minimizing resource costs, eliminate print material waste and streamline complex, labor-intensive tasks
  • Streamlining facility-to-facility standards, staff training, and company-wide information access

Manage emergency communications

Many leading businesses rely on Amcom solutions for efficient communications and a reliable way to ensure productivity and safety. A streamlined communication system can support internal and external communication demands with speed, reliability, and control. For both crisis and day-to-day communications, Amcom solutions can help cut costs and mitigate risk. Read more about emergency notification.

Amcom and its parent company USA Mobility also offer both onsite and wide-area paging options to ensure communications continue during disaster situations.

Amcom Corporate Communication Solutions include:

Contact Center Solutions
Enhanced 911 Solutions 
Emergency Notification 
Facility Alarm Monitoring


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