Proven Security for Critical Federal Communications

Proven Security for
Critical Federal Communications

JITC-Certified Critical Communications Software
for Federal Agencies

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An increasing number of federal agencies use technology to improve communication for their call center activities, emergency notifications, alarm communications, and critical smartphone messaging. Given the serious nature of their role, federal agencies need to approach communications differently from other industries, especially when it comes to security.

Unique communications Requirements

Communications among federal agencies may include classified and time-critical information meaning a highly secure system and audit trail are required. Additionally, many federal employees are constantly on the go and not always near a desk phone to receive messages or notifications. Federal agencies are turning to solutions that allow them to find the right people immediately—regardless of which communication device they may be using or where they are located. Amcom Software helps federal agencies create a communications infrastructure that meets these demanding requirements while providing reliable communications.

Many Amcom Solutions are JITC-Certified

Notifying the Right People of Emergency Events

In an emergency, every second counts and lives are at stake. Amcom’s emergency notification system allows you to turn your business continuity plans into message templates. These can specify the people to be notified of an event, which communication device(s) to be used, and the time period in which individuals or groups must take action before the message is escalated to the next person or group. Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time for any critical event to keep safety high. Learn more about Amcom’s emergency notification solution*.

Getting Critical Alerts to your Staff Instantly

Amcom Software’s mobile event notification middleware integrates alarm systems such as fire detection, door alarms and security/duress to the mobile communication devices carried by your staff, including Wi-Fi phones, pagers, smartphones and other mobile technology. Providing the correct personnel with immediate notifications, including a full audit trail of two-way communications flow, allows for fast action and minimizes potential damage, litigation, or losses. Learn more about Amcom’s solutions for clinical alerting and facility alarms monitoring.

Supporting Today's Mobile Workforce

Data security and information integrity is a priority for national security. Amcom Mobile Connect® allows you to keep security in the forefront by sending encrypted messages to your staff on their smartphones and tablets. The application separates critical messages from less important emails and SMS messages on BlackBerry®, Apple®, Android®, and Cisco® smartphone or tablet devices. Learn more about secure smartphone texting.

Learn How Amcom Solutions Can Be Used By Federal Agencies:

Veteran Affairs Hospitals
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*JITC-certified solution

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