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When someone experiences a code blue, the rapid response team expects instant notification to effectively assist during the emergency. When a patient in distress needs immediate medical attention, he or she expects a quick response to their call for help. When a patient’s family member contacts the hospital call center, they expect to be transferred correctly in a matter of seconds. When physicians are waiting on critical lab results from pathology, they expect to be notified on their preferred device properly and efficiently. And when an operator needs to reach a staff member at home, he or she expects the on-call scheduling information to be correct.

These basic expectations underscore how excellent communications within the hospital, from the call center to the patient bedside, are at the core of a reliable, responsible organization. Successful hospitals must respond to patients, physicians, nurses, and other staff members quickly and accurately while maintaining compliance with federal laws and guidelines. Technology is crucial in this environment, and a communication system that gets the right information to the right person at the right time can lead to improved patient safety, increased satisfaction, better efficiencies, and even mean the difference between life and death.

Amcom provides this communication backbone—the central foundation that all applications and resources access for reliable, consistent communication information. Amcom connects with PBXs, nurse call and bed management systems, clinical systems, electronic health records and human resource systems to swiftly deliver information to the right people on their device of choice, including smartphones, tablets, pagers, Wi-Fi phones and other common devices.

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