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Protecting Residents With
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Senior Living Alarm Management Solutions for High-Quality Resident Care

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In any senior living and aged care facility, it’s important for residents and management to reach staff. Proper care for residents means close contact with staff, fast response times, individualized care, and a peaceful environment. All these considerations become strained when organizations use an overhead paging system.

Delivering Messages to Mobile Staff on Wireless Devices

When a split second can impact life-threatening situations, there is no margin for error. Responsible senior care facilities use technology to react quickly and effectively to patient needs. This is possible by delivering critical alerts and information to a highly mobile staff on a wide array of wireless devices, including smartphones and pagers. This reduces noise pollution by minimizing or eliminating chaotic overhead speaker usage, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment for residents and visitors.

Throughout a facility, Amcom Software connects systems, such as duress call systems, security alarms, and the PBX, and delivers messages to the right people, at the right time, on their preferred communication device. When a duress button is pressed, when a patient monitor triggers an alarm, or when a security door is opened, senior living and aged care facilities that rely on Amcom take better care of their residents—all while improving efficiency of their staff.

Amcom Solutions for Senior Care Include:

Contact Center Management 
Secure Smartphone Texting
Enhanced 911 
Emergency Notification
Nurse Call Alerting on Staff Devices
Facility Alarm Monitoring


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