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Public Safety

Today’s 911 Call Center Technology Speeds Emergency Response for Those in Need

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For 911 dispatchers fielding emergency calls as well as onsite security in buildings from which 911 calls are made, the right communication infrastructure is important for fast response. Many lives depend on the capabilities of the technology in place.

This is true not only for public safety answering points in military, municipal, campus, or hospital settings, but also for any organization with multiple buildings and floors from which people may call 911.

Amcom’s Public Safety Solutions

911 Call-Taking and Dispatch:  Help public safety answering point dispatchers quickly field emergency calls with intuitive software that integrates with third-party systems for mapping, CAD, and other relevant information. Learn more.

NG911: Learn what Amcom Software is doing to support 911 operators and dispatchers in light of next-generation 911 (NG911) initiatives that will enable emergency callers to send text messages and pictures to PSAPs. Learn more.

Enhanced 911: Pinpoint the exact building, floor, and room of a 911 caller with enhanced 911 (E911) software that also enables onsite security to listen in and direct first responders. In fact, this type of technology is required in some states. Learn more.

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