Enhanced 911: E911

Pinpoint a 911 Caller’s
Precise Location
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Enhanced 911 (E911) Software Improves Safety for All on Your Premises

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Knowing where a 911 call originates is essential to effective emergency response. Unfortunately, the phone systems of many large facilities, such as office buildings, healthcare institutions, colleges and universities, transmit only the main billing phone number/address to the 911 dispatch center—not the caller’s exact location (building, floor, room). This can be life threatening if the caller cannot speak to give this information.

Amcom Helps You Meet Enhanced 911 (E911) Requirements

Amcom’s enhanced 911 (E911) software gives you the tools you need to protect your most valuable asset: your people. The solutions pinpoint a 911 caller’s exact location and pass it along to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). This kind of reliable, automatic transfer of information will help you provide vital, lifesaving information and notify the appropriate onsite personnel that an emergency call is in progress.

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The Right Way to Handle 911 Calls and Provide Effective E911 Service

  1. Pinpoint the exact location of the caller
  2. Notify onsite staff in real time
  3. Update the ALI database with the latest moves, ads, and changes
  4. Track VoIP call locations
  5. Meet and exceed E911 compliance legislation

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