Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center Solutions

Help Your Operator Services Team Improve Caller Service

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Whether you’re managing a hospital call center or providing service to callers across a range of industries, Amcom Software’s suite of contact center solutions enables operators to connect staff and external callers in a way that is accurate, fast, reliable, and professional.

Operator Console

Direct operators through important tasks with easy-to-use screens that include all the necessary information to process communications efficiently. Learn more.

Web-Based Directory

Keep personnel information current by allowing qualified users to log on and make important updates, manage scheduling, send messages, and find others. Learn more.

Speech Recognition

Enable your organization to process routine requests including directory assistance, transfers, and paging without live operators and with more ease-of-use than touchtone menus. Learn more.

Call Recording and Quality Management

Easily record, monitor, and score your contact center agents' conversations to provide focused training and improve customer service. Learn more.

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