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Ensure High Levels of Caller Service and Well-Trained Agents With Call Center Recording Software

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A consistent, intuitive system for recording and evaluating how all calls are handled enables you to provide agents with the tools they need to deliver top-notch customer service every time they’re on the phone.

Record and Score All Calls Going in and out of Your Call Center

Amcom MediaSTAR™ enables supervisors to record calls and concurrent screen activities, monitor staff performance, produce comparative reports for individual agents, and introduce focused training initiatives.

Why It’s Effective

  • Improves operator call handling by identifying training needs
  • Enhances call quality and professionalism
  • Provides an audit trail of calls to retrace conversations if organizational disputes arise

Amcom Eclipse™ enables you to log the date, time, and duration of all calls made and received by your staff.

Eclipse can help you:

  • Provide an audit trail of phone activities
  • Gain accurate bill-back information and staff telephone usage
  • Detect improper use of corporate resources
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Amcom Eclipse Call Accounting
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Amcom Eclipse Call Accounting for Cisco


Amcom Call CapSure™ records phone calls on demand at a fraction of the cost of most call logging systems. You can record, document, archive, and email calls from any phone, anywhere, at any time.


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Amcom Call CapSure On-Demand Call Recording
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