Physician and Caregiver Communications

Improving Physician
and Caregiver Communications
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Help Busy Physicians and Caregivers Improve Healthcare Communication by Connecting More Easily

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Physicians, nurses, and others often have trouble reaching one another to coordinate patient care. In addition, doctors struggle with achieving the right balance between allowing others to access them and protecting their personal time. The result is frustration for everyone involved, and patient care can suffer.

Amcom Care Connect

Amcom Care Connect™ eliminates communication guesswork and makes it easier for important conversations to happen quickly. This is possible by enabling staff to call one local number and reach the right clinician or role according to physicians' established preferences. So if it’s Wednesday the 22nd between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., Dr. Lewis is available and would like calls to go to her iPhone®.

Why It’s Effective

  • Improves patient care
  • Reduces time spent wasted looking for doctors or waiting for responses
  • Gives doctors control over how they are reached
  • Uses your organization’s local operator group as backup if needed

When Physicians Can't Communicate Easily

A patient came to the Emergency Department complaining of a small infection on his arm. The ED doctor saw the patient and determined he needed to be admitted. The ED doctor left a voice mail for the hospitalist who would be caring for the patient, expressing concern about the infection. The hospitalist did not get to the voice mail message for two hours. By that time the infection had spread to the patient's entire arm and the situation was serious.

Fortunately, the patient recovered. But incidents like this have focused hospitals' attention on the need for caregivers to actually have a conversation around coordinating care. Why didn't the ED doctor talk to the hospitalist? Because frankly it's not easy to contact the right doctor at the right time in these types of situations without a solution like Amcom Care Connect.

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