Web-Based On-Call Scheduling

On-Call Scheduling

Accessible Physician On-Call Scheduling Software
Saves Lives

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When physician scheduling information is inaccurate or not readily accessible, critical messages can go to the wrong person or to the wrong place—an e-mail account instead of a smartphone. At best, this is inefficient. At worst, lives could be lost.

Reach the Right Physician Every Time

On-call scheduling can be a messy process with spreadsheets and different practices by department. Amcom makes it simple. Now your organization has one place to update schedules for the entire hospital without having them fragmented by department. Leading organizations use Amcom Software’s secure Web site to maintain and allow password-protected access to the latest on-call schedules for doctors and other staff.

Why It’s Effective

  • Keeps schedules updated with last-minute changes
  • Allows staff to send messages to the correct person right from the schedule
  • Moves ownership of on-call from operators to individual departments via a simple, hospital-wide system

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